About us

We are an online booking agency based in Seville and Cordova, dedicated to the rental of properties for short or average stay. We offer top quality accommodation in the most charming areas of the city. Unlike other sites, we personally verify our accommodation offers to guarantee the highest quality.

Book with confidence:

  • The most competitive rates. We have the best price guaranteed by the owners
  • No additional costs. The price shown in the search is the final price
  • Minimal personal details, without the need to register as a user

We want to match the perfect property with your needs. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of apartments with the best presentation on the Internet. We show each space as it really is, using professional photographs and blueprints and a comprehensive description of the apartment and its surroundings.

We know our properties to perfection and we are at your disposal to guide you according to the preferences you indicate. For this reason we encourage you to complete a personalized request so that we can contact as soon as possible.